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Exhibitor Statements IE expo China 2019

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Huijing Cai, Deputy General Manager, SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd., China

This was our first participation in IE expo China with our Shanghai Pavilion. The show is much more influential and larger than expected, and the professionalism as well as the interest of many visitors has been overwhelming. IE expo China provides us opportunities to demonstrate our strength, communicate and learn from enterprises at home and abroad. From now on, we will come every year.


Xiaoyong Cai, Beijing Onyx Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., China

We have participated in IE expo China for three consecutive years now. It has become the largest event for the environmental protection industry in China. We know its parent fair, IFAT in Germany, very well. For us, IFAT is the world’s best exhibition for the environmental industry. It fully demonstrates the trends and innovations in this industry. Therefore, we are particularly confident in IE expo China and we will continue to participate next year.


Chuanbin Chen, Product Marketing Manager, Milton Roy Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., U.S.A.

We have attended IE expo China almost every year, and our booth area has always been expanding. IE expo China is a very good platform to promote products, but also an excellent opportunity for face-to-face exchange with our peers and to meet our old and potential customers. This year, the overall visitor flow increased greatly, and the visitors were more professional with specific purchasing needs.


Gang Chen, Vice President, Shanghai CN-NL Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., China

In recent years, IE expo China has made good improvements in its solid waste treatment sector, and the number of customers in this area has increased greatly. We received traditional customers such as garbage transfer stations as well as new customers from non-sanitation industries. Our results made at IE expo China 2019 reached our expectations.


Shurui Chen, Marketing Manager, Shanghai Branch, Heraeus Noblelight (Shenyang) Ltd., Germany

We have attended IE expo China for several years. This year, I felt that the exhibition expanded a lot, and there were a lot of participants, many of whom were professional visitors from our industry. The accompanying activities and forums were also very well attended.


Thorsten Feldt, Managing Director, Remondis Trade and Sales GmbH, Germany

IE expo China is a great platform for us to meet our customers from China and Asia. We had a lot of new contacts to introduce our range of services and quality products. The quantity and quality of visitors for recycling solutions is great. There were a lot of possibilities to talk about future projects.


Haixia Gu, Assistant President, Design and Research Institute of Hazardous Waste Engineering, Shanghai Tianhan Environmental Resources Co., Ltd., China

We have participated in IE expo China for several years in a row. Every year we gained a lot. This time, our booth expanded nearly ten times compared to last year. IE expo China has always been a very good promotion platform for us. This year, the number and quality of the visitors was very satisfactory. The supporting program was an excellent supplement to the exhibition. Many members of our management, including the president, participated.


Jiansong Han, Marketing Manager, SID Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Switzerland

IE expo China is the most influential environmental protection exhibition in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region, and its overall organization is also of the highest quality in China. This year we participated for the tenth time. Every year at this time, we prepare for IE expo China as our most important annual event.


Weiguo Ji, China Channels Support Manager, ACOEM Group, France

IE expo China is well organized. The layout of the exhibition halls is very clear and easy to navigate. Through IE expo China, we can find more partners in the Chinese environmental protection industry. At the same time, we can talk face-to-face with the end users and get first-hand market information. There are a lot of professional visitors, and we have met many potential partners.


Wentao Jiang, Managing Director, Beijing HTGS Environmental Management Co., Ltd., China

We have attended every edition of IE expo China so far. It is a very important exhibition with many exhibitors, customers and users from China and abroad. It is also a very good platform for professional exchange. Our new products attracted many customers and the number of visitors met our expectation.


Huaizan Li, Marketing/Technical Sales Director, Saint-Gobain PAM China, France

Our company group has participated in IFAT in Munich, and we followed IFAT to China. IE expo China is a very helpful exhibition for our brand and product promotion. The overall quality of the visitors is very good. Many customers in municipal environmental protection came to us, and they had a thorough understanding of our pipeline system solutions and services. Through the supporting program, we also had good exchanges with famous industry experts.


Shuyu Lu, Executive Vice Chairman, Shanghai Society of Environmental Sciences, China

IE expo China brings together the wisdom of the environmental protection industry. During its three days, it creates a scientific and technological feast for the environmental protection community. IE expo China fully demonstrates the new achievements of China's environmental protection industry, promotes international cooperation and exchange of advanced environmental technology, creates a new channel for China's environmental protection industry to enter the global market, and outlines a green ecological future.


Suihai Mai, Chairman, Shanghai Water Purification Technology Association, China

IE expo China is a very professional industry event with high quality and popularity in China. The combination of the exhibition and forums on cutting-edge topics provides a good communication platform for China's environmental protection industry.


Andrea Masi, Sales and Marketing Manager, Bongioanni Machhine S.P.A., Italy

Our first participation in IE expo China with the Italian Pavilion can be described as very interesting. It was our first commercial experience for the recycling sector in China. The Chinese market seems to be very attractive for our products, and the positive reaction to our trade fair presence gave us the opportunity for attracting customers and meet other Italian companies.


Silvia Massimi, PM Sino-Italian cooperation program, Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, Italy

More than 25 companies showcased their innovative solutions for water and soil treatment, air quality and waste management at the Italian Pavilion at this year’s IE expo China through experience exchange, public private partnership and technology transfer. The cooperation with the organizer was effective.


Qiang Qi, General Manager, Zenit Pumps (China) Co., Ltd., Italy

IE expo China is an exhibition that we attend every year. It is a very important promotion platform for us. The overall feedback is very good, far exceeding our expectations. IE expo China brings together specialists from all fields of the environmental protection industry. It also offers us the opportunity to meet old and potential business partners. IE expo China is the leading exhibition in China and even in Asia.


Gang Qiao, Director of Marketing, Ministry of Green Intelligence Industry, China Aerospace Construction Group Co., Ltd., China

This was our second participation in IE expo China. Compared with last year, the 2019 exhibition was much larger, and the exhibitor quality was also higher with many large enterprises, such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies and major private enterprises. There were much many good-quality visitors. Through the exhibition, we have achieved all our goals.


Yan Shen, General Manager, MIZUDA GROUP, China

We have always taken part in IE expo China as visitors before, and this was the first time we attended as an exhibitor. It gave us the opportunity to better promote ourselves, have in-depth exchanges, attract more customers and achieve promising business cooperations. Many domestic target customers and also overseas visitors like the Canadian Consulate visited our booth.


Min Shi, Director of Science and Technology Standards and Cooperation Office, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, China

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment organized the Shanghai Pavilion with more than twenty excellent environmental protection enterprises from Shanghai. IE expo China helped us expand and strengthen Shanghai's environmental protection industry, support our pollution prevention and control, promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and make positive contributions to the high-quality and green development of Shanghai.


Qian Sun, Marketing Manager, Hach, U.S.A

We participate in IE expo China every year. This year, the visitors were more professional and suited our needs thanks to the detailed product segmentation. The product launch platform was also very eye catching, providing a good opportunity to promote our new products. We met many peers, especially the domestic brands who have made rapid development, which encourages us to make further development.


Zhihua Wang, Chairman, Chinese Society for Environmental Science (CSES), China

IE expo China promotes environmental and ecological science and technology innovations and contributes to the battle against pollution and the reconstruction of an ecological environment. This year, the IE expo China Environmental Technology Conference focused on the opportunities and challenges of the ecological and environmental protection industry in the new era. It interpreted policies and explored future innovations and upgrading.


Peixuan Wu, Director, Management Department, Infore Environment Technology Group Co., Ltd., China

IE expo China is a large-scale exhibition with a wide range of environmental protection products. The entire industry is covered at the exhibition. IE expo China is the largest environmental protection exhibition in China. Through this trade fair, we can promote our brand image and show our new products to more customers.


Jing Xu, Senior Market Business Partner, Grundfos Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Denmark

We have participated in many consecutive editions of IE expo China. The exhibition is professional in terms of scale, visitor quality and participant flow. We attach great significance to IE expo China and rely on it to enhance our brand image and promote our latest solutions.


Xiangli Yu, Vice President, Dongjiang Environment Co., Ltd., China

This was our second exhibition at IE expo China. We felt that this year the exhibition was very large. Many exhibitors were very well-known in the industry. At the same time, we were glad to see a lot of new state-of-art technologies and equipment. All this reflects that the industry is gradually revolutionized and has made rapid progress based on the existing technology and equipment.


Liang Zhao, General Manager, Market Development, Beijing Capital Co., Ltd., China

The overall quality of IE expo China is very good. The exhibition is making good progress in the number of participants, the quality of visitors and its influence. Through the exhibition, we found the overall environmental protection solutions. The technical forums are also great.


Lijun Zhao, President, China Environment Chamber of Commerce, China

IE expo China has continued to build an innovative platform for the environmental protection industry, bringing together all the people in the industry. Over the past two decades, IE expo China has also grown into the largest, highest-quality, professional environmental protection exhibition in Asia. I believe that all our friends here, old and new, will jointly lead the new trend of green development to build a more beautiful environment and make the world better!


Guomei Zhou, Secretary, International Environmental Cooperation Center, China

IE expo China has set up a very effective communication platform for Chinese and foreign environmental companies. To do a good job in China's pollution prevention and control as well as the construction of a green “Belt and Road”, there is a great demand for international technical exchange, cooperation and support of high-quality enterprises and their environmental technologies. I hope that IE Expo China will continue to play a greater role here.


Dr. Tingjin Zhou, Director, Longma Sludge Disposal, Fujian Longma Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd, China

We have always participated in IE expo China and think highly of the exhibition. Through IE expo China, we have the opportunity to meet customers from abroad and it is also beneficial to our promotion among domestic customers. We can also make great exchanges during the exhibition. Many professional visitors and investors came to our booth. Thanks to our on-site promotion, the investors get to know us better and have greater trust in us. We appreciate that IE expo China is such a platform for us to communicate with the global market.


Wenlin Zhou, Vice President, Chengdu Environment Investment Group Co., Ltd., China

IE expo China is a very influential exhibition with large scale and a good number of exhibitors. It plays a great role in promoting the environmental protection industry. With this platform, we establish extensive exchanges and cooperation with environmental protection enterprises at home and abroad, so that we can achieve win-win cooperations to make joint contributions to the sustainable development of the environmental protection industry.

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