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Exhibitor Statements IE expo China 2018

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Gongbi Cheng, President, Jiangsu Gaiya Environmental Science and Technology, China

With high-quality service and effective promotion, IE expo China 2018’s New Product Release Platform opened the new gateway for environmental companies to launch new products and do marketing promotion.


Shurui Chen, Marketing Manager, Heraeus Noblelight Group, Germany

We have taken part in IE expo China for three editions. It is quite obvious that the trade show is growing bigger each year. The market promotion works very well and there are a lot of professional visitors from a wide variety of backgrounds like engineering companies and end users. The exhibitors are also part of our potential customers. The show is very helpful to the promotion of our solutions. Through IE expo China, more of our peers and visitors get to know us. We also understand the Chinese environmental market better, which is especially helpful for our future product development.


Zhengxin Dong, Marketing Manager, Jiangsu Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd., China

We have exhibited at IE expo China for the 4th time in a row. I think it is the biggest, most inclusive and most popular trade show for the environmental industry. We are happy about the number of visitors to our booth. Actually it exceeded my expectations. A lot of visitors from the atmosphere and environmental monitoring industry made very specific enquiries with us.


Yue Hu, Deputy Manager, Industry Development Dept., China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China

This is the first time we exhibit at IE expo China. We think its organization is very effective and the service is very helpful. In comparison to similar exhibitions, IE expo China boasts more relevant, higher quality visitors, which is very important to us exhibitors. At the exhibition, we made a lot of positive communications with our potential customers. We intend to use IE expo China as a platform to promote our image and to increase our influence on the environmental protection and integrated control industry. We also want to find better partners and business opportunities here. We are optimistic about the future of IE expo China and believe it will become even bigger.


Roland Knitschky, Department of Training & International Cooperation, German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), Germany

IE expo China 2018 is great. The German Pavilion was crowded from the first morning on.  30 specialized exhibitors had been busy all time. The afternoon technical scientific conference session in the IE expo China accompanying program counted more than 200 visitors. That is great and reflects the high class of information presented.


Peter Kurth, President, BDE e.V. (Federation of the German Waste, Water and Raw materials Management Industry), Germany

We have a very good general impression on IE expo China 2018 especially in regards of the high quality of the exhibitors and visitors. The presence of the BDE Pavilion at IE expo China 2018 made it possible for the first time that high interesting leads were generated for member companies. There had been a good frequency at the booth to establish contacts in the future. For the future we are thinking of an enlargement of the pavilion.

The conference program as a meeting place offered a perfect platform for Sino-German exchange in the relevant fields and might be useful for further initial business. The Chinese environmental market shows a very strong development, fast set-up of an own circular economy.


Runnan Li, Product Manager, Fujian Longma Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd.

IE expo China has great visitor flow and attentive service. We are very satisfied with the good results we got from the exhibition.


Xiaolei Li, Marketing and Communication Manager, Xylem (China) Co., Ltd., U.S.A.

We have taken part in IE expo China since 2004. We witnessed the continual growth of the exhibition. Our booth has also grown along. Comparing to other exhibitions in China, the number and quality of visitors at IE expo China is more satisfactory. China is attaching great importance to the environmental industry. As part of the industry, we shall make active responses.


Yiyuan Li, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee, Ministry of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of China Aerospace Construction Group, China Aerospace Environmental Development Co., Ltd., China

This is the first time we exhibit at IE expo China. The exhibition gathers almost all the corporations and organizations in the environmental industry, covering both its upstream and downstream industries in China and abroad. We think the exhibition is professional, well organized and helpful. A lot of visitors showed great interest in us and expressed their willingness to make further cooperation, which exceeded our expectations. Through exhibiting at IE expo China, arguably the biggest platform for the environmental industry in China, more people know us and we get to know more peers. This is just what we wanted in the first place.


Zongwei Li, Minister, Market Department, Qingdao HSJ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., China

IE expo China is very popular. We are exhibiting for the 4th time because we have strong faith in the trade show. Our space has also grown from the standard package four years ago to the 80-sqm booth today. We hope our booth will exlarge again next year. Through IE expo China, we can promote our new products, technologies and concepts. The visitor flow is great, made up by end users, partners, government authorities and industry associations. The results have met our expectations.


Yong Liu, President, Shanghai Aojoa Ecology and Environment Technology Co., Ltd., China

We are an old customer to IE expo China. Our booth has grown again in comparison to the last year. The visitor number and quality have both made significant growth. The visitors are very professional and come with specific needs. We are very happy about that. Every year, IE expo China gathers the environmental industry from all over the world together to discuss on the development and transformations happening in the Chinese market. It is very important to the industry.


Shuyu Lu, Executive Vice Chairman, Shanghai Society of Environmental Sciences, China

The exhibitor number at IE expo China 2018 is unprecedented. There are a lot of innovative products and technology at the exhibition. The supporting programs are also intriguing, featuring important speakers at all the forums and summits. The exhibition addresses important environmental issues and offers insight into the future environmental industry to realize our beautiful Chinese Dream.


Tingting Ma, Digital Marketing & Communication Manager, Saint-Gobain PAM China, France

This is our first exhibiting at IE expo China, which is well known in the environmental industry. We think IE expo China is very big and there are a lot of high quality exhibitors. The exhibition promotion is quite effective and visitors from all fields in the environmental industry are here. We also took part in the forums. They are quite popular and the audience are very active.


Alexander Madden, Chief Executive, Agrivert Ltd., United Kingdom

We are very impressed by the scale and diversity of the IE expo China show. We have been fortunate to meet a wide variety of business and look forward to cultivating these opportunities in the future. The quality of the visitors at the stand had been excellent. Those who engaged turn over team displayed genuine interest. We met with several businesses from mainland China and other surrounding countries. We are excited to follow up.


Silvia Massimi, International Affairs Coordinator, Italian Ministry for Environment, Italy

IE expo China 2018 has significantly improved its level compared to the past years. It is now an important business platform for Italian companies in China. The visitor quality was very good in terms of quality and frequency at our Italian Pavilion. Our companies met professional visitors, mainly from China. This year we enlarged our booth for being able to serve and admit more than 30 companies joining the pavilion. Our own conference in the accompanying program was very successful.


Shenling Miao, General Manager, Avian Machinery Group, Australia

We are a frequent exhibitor at IE expo China. The exhibition is quite good and is getting bigger all the time. In the recent years, the visitor quality has improved significantly. All the visiting customers have specific needs. We are happy to grow along with IE expo China.


irgilio Pagliarani, Far East Business Development Manager, Petroltecnica Spa, Italy

IE expo China 2018 looks well organized and level of foreign and domestic exhibitors looks high. It is an evidence of great improvement from 2017 edition. A huge amount of people visit the exhibition. The quality of people that contact me was high. They were not only focused on technology, but also on how to develop the business. Visitors were mainly domestic. We are quite satisfied with the level of our visitors. IE expo China gives us high visibility and the opportunity to better understand the environmental market in China that is changing and increasing quickly.


Yonggang Pan, Vice President and Secretary General, China Resource Recycling Association, China

We cooperate again in IE expo China 2018 and take advantage of our resources to build the best exchange platform for the industry of China resource recycling and environmental protection.


Bin Peng, Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China

IE expo China meets the needs of the environmental market and explores the trends in the industry in China and abroad. After 19 years of development, IE expo China has become the biggest and most influential environmental trade show in Asia. The China Environmental Technology Conference held along with IE expo China is a pathway to technological innovation in the environmental industry, as well as a communication and cooperation platform between the environmental technology and the industrial community. As co-organizers of IE expo China, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences will work together with our partners to make it a leading world-class environmental exhibition.


Qiang Qi, General Manager, Zenit Pumps (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Italy

We are a loyal customer of IE expo China and witness its growth. In comparison to similar exhibitions, IE expo China exhibits strong professionalism in both exhibitor and visitor promotions. It attracts a lot of important players in the industry and the visitor quality is very satisfactory. Our visitors all came with very specific needs, which is just what we want. In general, the results this year are very positive. We will continue to support IE expo China next year. We also hope it can keep its competitive edge in the future.


Zhibao Qu, General Manager, Xinjiang Area, Jereh Environmental Management Group, China

We have taken part in IE expo for several years. In comparison to the last time, the exhibition scale and exhibitors numbers have both increased significantly. We met a lot of users and potential customers from oilfields and municipal engineering companies.


Guanping Ren, Deputy President, Chinese Society for Environmental Science, China

IE expo China 2018 has made great progress in both size and visitor number. There is also obvious progress in the organization, services, exhibits and quality. The mutual support between the exhibition and the accompanying conferences goes a lot more smooth and effective. We noticed more positive comment from the exhibitors and other participants. All these are clear evidence that IE expo China 2018 is again very successful.


Jan Talkenberger, Sales Director, Weber Entec, Germany

IE expo China is a great event, again bigger than the year before, really the most important environment gathering for China. Most of the visitors were decision makers or valid contacts from local players. Definitely hit our target group. With growing market presence we also like to show this to host more of our customers. In regards to the accompanying conferences we attended only the GWP (German Water Partnership) session, otherwise we had been too busy at the booth.


Tao Wang, Vice President, Infore Environment Technology Group, China

We have participated in IE expo China for 3 years in a row. This year we have expanded our space a lot and it is by far the biggest booth we ever had. We have taken part in many exhibitions and IE expo China is definitely the best I have been to. It is very helpful to the promotion of our brand and technology. It is also a good chance to meet customers. We had a lot of visitors, including partners, customers and peers. We also took part in the supporting programs on waste gas treatment, water environment and environment sanitation. The results are quite satisfactory.


Xiaojun Xu, Sales Director, Huber Environmental Technology (China) Co., Ltd., Germany

In general, IE expo China is very satisfactory. We find it very big and influential. It is also very helpful, so it has become a fixed schedule for us every year. Through the exhibition, we promote our brand and exhibit new products. It also provides a chance to meet and talk to our customers.


Zheng Yan, Vertical Market Manager, Xylem Analytics (Beijing) China, U.S.A.

IE expo China has become an exhibition known to and trusted by the entire environmental industry. This is the fourth consecutive year we have taken part in IE expo China. The visitor quality is very high and a lot of our peers are here. So it is a great chance to explore new markets, make contact with end users and distributors. We also attended the supporting conferences. The audiences are quite professional. The conference also brought more visitors to our booth.


Yiqing Yu, Strategy Marketing Manager, Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd., China

IE expo China is relatively influential in the environmental community. For us, it is strategically important. Since our first exhibition in 2011, IE expo China has made clear growth in every opening. The visitor number and quality are both great. We plan to expand our booth next year in order to exhibit more products and attract more target customers.


Wongjin Yong, General Manager of China Region, Fluence Corporation Limited, China

This is the first time we exhibits at IE expo China. We expected a lot about this platform. The organization is very efficient. We had a lot of visitors since the first day and have been busy all along. IE expo China gives us the chance to promote our image and waste water treatment technology in China.


Yixuan Zhang, Deputy Director, Karcher (Shanghai) Cleaning Systems Co., Ltd., Germany

This is the first time we exhibit at IE expo China. To make better results, we actually brought in a new product from overseas to make its debut exhibition in China, a clear sign of how important we think IE expo China is.


Huayan Zhao, Marketing Manager, Beijing ENSA Engineering Co., Ltd., Germany

IE expo China has made its opening of the 19th edition. The organization is very effective and the support facilities are also great. Our visitors are professional and have very specific needs. This is the 3rd time we exhibit at IE expo China, again with a bigger booth. Though it is not closed yet, we have already booked our space for its next opening, with an enlarged space again.


Lijun Zhao, President, China Environment Chamber of Commerce, China

The growth made by IE expo China is a reflection of the growth of environmental technology. We are engaged in a great cause that makes the world better and more beautiful. I believe every encounter at IE expo China is a chance to change the future.


Chaozhi Zheng, General Manager, Amcon (Fujian) Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., Japan

We started taking part in IE expo China in 2007 and this is our 11th time here. The exhibition has continued to grow, so is our booth. In comparison to similar exhibitions, the visitor flow at IE expo China is especially high. We met a lot of visitors, some from countries like Colombia, the US, the UK and Japan. We take advantage of IE expo China as a chance to exhibit our new products and solutions. We also use this opportunity to make contact with more environmental professionals.


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