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Country China
Products Sedimentation,separator systems
Rakes, screens, filters
Sewage treatment plants
Membrane and filtering equipment
Chemical water treatment
Water treatment materials and fittings
Treatment of sludge and residues
Storm water collections, overflow, retention and settling tanks
Rainwater seepage and retention
Screens for rainwater discharges
Waterbodies protection (rivers, lakes, groundwater)
Incineration and heat treatment
Biological treatment, composting
Landfills and waste leachate treatment
Soil remediation technology and equipment
Soil testing and analysis
Process monitoring and services of soil remediation
Soil remediation functional materials
Design and construction of soil remediation treatment and rehabilitation
Soils investigation and risk assessment
Agricultural Amelioration
Waste gas control and treatment equipment
Deodorization equipment and system
Indoor Air purification and Fresh Air
Construction of clean plant
Oil vapor recovery equipment and purification
Disposal services
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
Engineering consulting, Engineering design and construction
Green finance
Sludge draining and consolidation
Sludge drying and incineration
Landfill site construction and rehabilitation
Treatment of contaminated groundwater water
Pollution control of mobile source (vehicle / ship)
Hall E1
Booth 1542
Introduction Aerospace Kaitian environmental group was founded in 1998,our company is mainly engaged in industrial environmental management (particulate matter/PM 2.5 treatment), denitration, desulfurization, demercuration treatment, heavy metal wastewater treatment, soil recovery, small-town sewage treatment, rural environment management etc. We are a comprehensive environmental services provider including R&D, manufacture, engineering design, construction and operation.

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