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Introduction The company is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of filter cloth, filter cloth and industrial cloth. It covers an area of 16,000 square meters and has more than 100 employees, including more than 30 professionals. It has more than 20 offices in major areas of the country. It has efficient production management, perfect sales network and first-class after-sales service.


Flumex high temperature resistant needle felt
Flumex needle-punched felt is composed of two or more kinds of high temperature resistant fibers mixed and laminated to achieve higher and newer physical and chemical properties. Compared with fiberglass filter, the wear resistance, flexural resistance and peeling strength of the filter material are obviously improved. The filtration speed can reach more than 1.0m/min and the running resistance is low. Flumex high temperature resistant needle-punched felt is widely used in steel, non-ferrous smelting, chemical industry, carbon black, building materials, electric power and other departments.
PPS High temperature resistant, acid-base needle-resistant felt
PPS high temperature resistant, acid-base resistant needle filter felt is a new type of high-temperature filter material produced by DuPont and Toray Corporation of Japan. PPS fiber has strength integrity and intrinsic chemical resistance. It can maintain good filtering performance in harsh environment and achieve ideal service life.
fiberglass needled mat
Fiberglass needle-punched filter felt is a kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and good performance. It not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, minimal elongation and shrinkage, and high strength of glass fabric, but also has single felt fiber and three-dimensional micro-porous structure. With high porosity and low resistance to gas filtration, it is a kind of high-speed and high-efficiency temperature filtering material. It can be widely used in high temperature flue gas filtration of chemical, steel, smelting, carbon black, power generation, cement and other industrial furnaces.
Metas high temperature resistant needle felt
In the field of bag dedusting, the bag is usually compared to the heart of the equipment. The dust-containing gas treated by the bag deduster mainly depends on the conditions of the chemical fibers used to weave the bag. Under general temperature conditions, only the bag can withstand the temperature of 150 C. Under such working conditions, the filter material with polyester needle-punched felt at room temperature (729, 208, acrylic) as the main body can basically adapt to its situation. For industries with high flue gas temperature, it needs chemical fibers that can withstand high temperature to produce filter material, so it can completely meet the high temperature working conditions of 150-250 degrees. Because the aromatic polyamide fibers belonging to Metas fibers, they have good properties. The heat resistance, wear resistance and flexural resistance of glass fibers are irreplaceable.

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