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Country China
Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Hall E6
Booth G82
Introduction Nantong Sanxin Plastics Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd establish on 1992, located in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, the north side of ChangJiang River.
Our products are Corona Treatment, Cast Film Line, Biaxially Oriented Film Line and Textile Fabric Plasma Treatment.


Volatile Organic Compound Waste Gas (VOCs) treatment
Volatile Organic Compound Waste Gas (VOCs) treatment in printing industry is the first recommended treatment technology.
Double-bed regenerative oxidation furnace with honeycomb ceramics as regenerator was adopted. Printing exhaust gas is oxidized in the system and converted into harmless products such as carbon dioxide and water. The efficiency of comprehensive waste gas removal is more than 95%.
The application scope is wide, which can meet the treatment needs of thousands of cubic meters per hour or even hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of complex organic waste gases. It can operate steadily in the VOC concentration range of 1.5g/Nm3-10g/Nm3.
Good energy-saving effect, low operating cost, convenient operation and maintenance of the device, long service life of active control

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