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Country China
Products Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
Hall E6
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Introduction Anhui Six-dimensional Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by an American entrepreneurship team with the support of VC fund. The company has gathered a group of high-quality software and hardware research and development core teams with doctoral and master's degrees at home and abroad, laid the foundation for the company's research and development. Now it has developed and produced semiconductor sensors, electrochemical sensors, optical sensors, indoor environment detection system, electronic nose technology, which is widely used in civil, industrial, medical and many other fields.


TVOC Semiconductor Sensor
TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor element is a kind of sensor element developed by our company for TVOC testing. The sensitive material used is metal oxide semiconductor. When there is object detection gas in the air, the higher the gas concentration, the higher the conductivity of the sensor. With a simple circuit, the change of conductivity can be converted into signal transmission corresponding to the gas concentration. Out. The sensor element has high sensitivity to low concentration TVOC, which can detect TVOC gas in the home environment.

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