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Products Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
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Introduction zhejiang Tianli Magnet co., Ltd, focus on the Magnetic、sorting, eddy current separation,sensor separation technology application, provides material recycling and processing solutions for industry such as recycling,mining,electricity and construction,etc.TIANLI products such as eddy current separator, metal sorter(induction separator), self-discharge permanent/electromagnetic separator, permanent/electromagnetic roller, etc., are particularly outstanding in the recycling industry.we have created rich profits for customers in such industries .


This equipment adopts eccentric magnetic rotor design, large Angle magnetic system, equipped with vibration feeder and baffle adjusting device,compact and reasonable integrated design of the whole machine, which makes the performance of the whole machine more stable and the separation effect better.
Field Of Use:
It is mainly used for separating copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from industrial wastes and household wastes.
●Household garbage. ●Tail residue of paper mill. ●Wood chips. ●Waste glass recycling. ●Scrap metal recycling. ●E-waste recycling. ●Recycling of waste plastics. ●Slag from household refuse incineration.
Product Advantage:
1.Imported bearings with long service life.
2.Special design prevent the magnetic system fall off.
3.Magnetic materials come from the magnetic capital of the world and have the advantage of origin.
4.Check and alarm system to monitoring machine operation.
5.The machine adopts spray treatment to ensure the equipment durability under special working conditions.
6.Special magnetic system structure is designed to provide a more efficient magnetic source to maximize the inductive throwing force of the metal.
Material by vibrating feeder, evenly into the bucket, Z material due to free fall downward movement, after the process of Z type hopper, will break the material thoroughly, repass centrifugal fan and the light and
mud sucked up into the cyclone dust collector, through the cyclone speak light material and soil, heavy material due to the effect of gravity, in direct drop in the bucket , Z into the subsequent separation process.
Product Use:
The light material and soil in the waste steel tailings are separated to obtain the clean material and improve the separation efficiency and purity.
TLCG metal sorter based on high sensitivity sensor technology to identify/detect the metal particles in the waste material, and then the metal particles are separated from the waste material through the compressed air nozzle,so as to achieve the purpose of separating two materials with different properties.
Product Advantage:
1.Reduce compressed air consumption (15-25%).
2.Recovery rate and product purity,as well as imported equipment.
3.There are a variety of separation modes available to separate pure stainless steel and wire.
4.The machine adopts intelligent man-machine control system to monitor the sorting situation in real time.
5.Pure import of key parts and components, effectively ensure the stability and sensitivity of the equipment.

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