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Products Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
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Introduction Since the establishment of Henan Suyuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. (the original Ltd. Hua County Daokou Big Dipper Electrostatic Separation Facility Factory) in the end of 2002, it has been devoted to the separation of waste resources and the research and manufacture of sorting and recycling equipment over the past ten years, and now it is one of several enterprises that make recycling devices of renewable resources.We always uphold the principles of the reputation first, users first and combining the high quality products with the excellent service.


Copper wire crusher
Scope of application:
Crushing and sorting of various waste wires, sorting of broken copper, aluminum and iron of copper aluminum radiator.
Structural feature:
1. Integrated structure design, compact structure, small occupied area, easy to move and it can be operated by putting it on flat ground and turning on the power .
2. It adopts PLC control, the appearance is simple and beautiful and the operation is simple. One operator can operate it.
3. As an important part of the separation of copper wire and plastic, gravity separation adopts Italy air suspension separation process, and the vibration frequency and material suspension air supply device can be adjusted precisely according to different materials.
4. Crushing system adopts SKD-11 alloy cutting tool, the processing hardness is HR58. It can ensure the high-wearing resistance as well as a certain tenacity of the crushing blade. The structure is designed as splayed alternate shearing structure, the shell of wire grinding equipment adopts water cooling system, thus avoiding, material heating and melting after long time operation.
5. The operation of the complete set of equipment is fully enclosed, it is equipped with an advanced pulse dust removal system that effectively collects dust in the production process and discharges it from the dust outlet.
6. In view of the fact that the copper wire crusher manufactured in other countries can recover the copper with a purity more than 99.5%, but 3-5% of the copper powder and brushed copper will be lost into the plastic in the sorting process, our company is equipped with electrostatic selection equipment, the remaining copper in the plastic can be sorted out again, so that there is no plastic in the copper and no copper in the plastic.
Circuit board recycling equipment
Scope of application:
It is used for separating metals and non-metals in materials, such as waste circuit boards, CCL, circuit boards, bits and pieces, and recovering metals and resin powder in those materials.
Features of equipment:
1. The entire assembly line uses the PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen, so that the even feeding of the entire production line and coordinated work can be realized.
2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, noise reduction treatment of the crushing equipment.
3. The crushing part uses shredding, smashing and crushing processes, and circulating water cooling is used inside and outside the crushing chamber.
4. Use the negative pressure feeding system and pulse dust removal system to purify the working environment.
5. The sorting part adopts the proportion sorting combined with the static careful selection, so that the metal recovery rate can reach up to more than 99%.
Mixed plastic material separator
Scope of application:
It is suitable for material sorting of all kinds of broken plastics of household appliances, cars and electric cars, electric toys and other mixed plastics of the special equipment after metals are removed, such as PET/PVC, ABS/ PS /submerged PP, PC/PA, ABS/PA, ABS/PC and other plastics in different groups.
Structural feature:
1. The equipment is a complete set of assembly line layout, which is controlled by the PLC automation programming and man-machine interface operating screen: reasonable coordination of intermediate transport and upgrading links and the sorting host for the purpose of automatic transmission and automatic discharge, which saves labor and can be easily operated.
2. High sorting purity, and the highest sorting purity can reach up to more than 99%.
3. Physical sorting, energy conservation and environmental protection without any discharge of the three wastes.
Large-scale copper and aluminum water tank separator
Scope of application:
It is suitable for separating and recycling copper, aluminum and iron of all kinds of large radiators (copper and aluminum water tank) and electronic rotors of less than 16CM.
Structural feature:
1. The entire production line uses the PLC automated control system to achieve coordinated work between the equipment, stable feeding and operation.
2. Simple structure, reasonable layout, strong processing capacity, stable operation, firm and durable, safe and reliable.
3. Coarse crushing uses the biaxial shredder with low rotating speed and large torque, and the cutter and shaft are specially treated with alloy materials.
4. The entire set of equipment uses the negative pressure induced air pulse dust removal system to ensure a good working environment.
Separation equipment for medical aluminium plastic package
Scope of application:
It is applicable to the physical separation of aluminum and plastics in food, tablet aluminum-plastic packaging materials, aluminum-plastic scraps and all kinds of aluminum-plastic composite materials of packaging manufacturers.
Structural feature:
1. The entire assembly line uses the PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen, so that the even feeding of the entire production line and coordinated work can be realized.
2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, noise reduction treatment of the crushing equipment.
3. The crushing and grinding parts are cooled by a circulating water cooling machine, which does not melt or discolor the plastic because of the high temperature after long operation of the equipment.
4. It adopts physical crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation method to separate the aluminum and plastic and is an environmentally friendly separation equipment which has replaced the original chemical pharmacy aluminum-plastic separation.
5. The entire production line is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment, thus purifying the work space.
6. The highest purity of aluminum plastic sorting purity can reach more than 99.9%.
7. Equipment can be customized according to customers' output demand.
Electrostatic sorting equipment
Scope of application:
Mainly used in aluminum plastic sorting: aluminum plastic sorting of aluminum plastic plates, flexible packaging, aluminum plastic tablet packaging materials, Wahaha caps, aluminum plastic wires and other aluminum plastic composite materials; copper plastic sorting: sorting of wires and cables, waste circuit boards and bits and pieces, copper plastic pipes and other copper plastic composite materials; other convenient sorting: metal ore sorting, fly ash decarbonization sorting, slag ash metal extraction, plastic and sand sorting, tea leaf and tea rod sorting, flaxseed fruit and shell sorting, and hair and other material sorting.
Structural feature:
The equipment carries out sorting according to the conductivity of different materials in the closed high-voltage electric field and selects materials in accordance with different physical properties, and the sorting corona electric field uses stainless steel materials plus the special corona electrode to ensure the stability of the sorting electric field.

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