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Country China
Products Resource utilization of livestock and poultry waste
Hall N5
Booth C57


The vertical fermenter processing equipment mainly performs high-temperature aerobic fermentation on livestock manure, and uses the activity of microorganisms to biodegrade the organic matter in livestock manure to achieve harmlessness, stabilization, reduction, and resource utilization. Integrated livestock and poultry manure treatment equipment. Product features: high temperature aerobic fermentation, high temperature biological bacteria technology, low energy consumption, low operating cost; small equipment footprint, high degree of automation, one person can complete the fermentation process; through the biological deodorization equipment to achieve gas discharge standards It does not produce secondary pollution; the main body of the equipment is made of stainless steel, which reduces corrosion and has a long service life; the main body insulation design, auxiliary heating ensures the normal operation of equipment under low temperature environment; the treated livestock and poultry manure is used to process organic fertilizer and realize resource utilization.

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