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Introduction Guorui thermal control is mainly engaged in the research and development of thermal energy control technology of electric control thermal instruments. Our ambition is to become the best service provider for industrial heating applications in the world. In 15 years, we have focused on the development, manufacturing and application of electric thermal materials. It also has unique advantages in technology research and development and industrial applications, and has a number of invention patents. The demand will always be at the forefront of the industry


Heat cover
Introduction: sampling rod consists of sampling tube, main cavity, heating insulation device, backblowing device, Buffer device, particle filter, installation flange sleeve, protective cover, thermostat components, etc..
Main feature a, the part of the device in contact with the sample gas is all made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material, and the corrosion resistance is very strong under high temperature conditions. B, in the design of the thermostat integrated with the main body design, compact structure, easy to operate. C, filter core replacement can be pulled out of the device as a whole, greatly shorten the maintenance replacement time, and reduce labor intensity. In addition to a sample gas outlet, the device also has a reusable anti-blowing and calibration port, which can be flexibly arranged in the configuration. E, number explicit temperature control heating, unique anti-blowing design to prevent blockage.
Explosion-proof instrument box heater
Introduction: The explosion-proof instrument electric heater is a new electric heater designed for the instrument box or other box equipment with thermal insulation and moisture prevention and dehumidification. The heater uses a custom aluminum alloy heat dissipation material and a high-quality electric heater group.
Yes. It has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, uniform heat dissipation, fast heat conduction, and large heat dissipation area.
Ensure its service life is much longer than the general heater. You can set the perimeter better by adjusting the built-in thermostat
Environment heating temperature, applicable to explosion-proof zone, area 2 use environment.
Portable heating hose
Introduction: Heat insulation hose is an electric heating combined with a temperature control sensor, through the mechanical winding method, in the high temperature and high pressure pipeline made of flexible pipes, for the high temperature and high pressure heat fluid transmission. Widely used in asphalt, paraffin, sulfur, hot melt glue, polyurethane raw materials, proprietary Chinese medicine solution, high temperature gas, and crude oil and other hot fluids close range transport industry

Sampling pipeline
This product is mainly used for oil, chemical, metallurgical, aviation and other industries with thermal maintenance of the instrument pipeline, it is especially suitable for environmental protection monitoring of the use of gas analyzer.
The perishable coupled thermal sampling composite tube is a complex composed of a variety of devices and a number of systems are combined on a limited cross section.
Sampling system: Sampling tubes of various types and materials can be combined: Teflon PFA, FEP, PE, nylon 610, copper tube, 316SS, 304SS, etc..
Thermal system: high efficiency insulation, flame retardant and light insulation layer; Automatic heat limiting thermal cable or constant power thermal cable.
Power supply system: can be equipped with instrument signal cable, compensation cable and control cable to meet instrument display monitoring.
Safety system: adapt to different process conditions, each system is shielded with aluminum foil or metal mesh to achieve fire safety, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, some with waterproof film and enhanced flame retardant, ultraviolet protective cover. The combination of multiple systems, the collection of multiple functions in one, to make complex projects simple. It is a good guarantee for remote work and remote diagnosis of the system. The heating system does not condense the gas in the tube and maintains the measurement above the dew point. Therefore, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed, creating conditions for the centralized control computerization. Enhanced outer sheath can prevent cross-cutting and damage due to other factors.
Safety and reliability: Product jacket uses PVC, waterproof, moisture-proof. The insulation is made of non-woven glass fiber cotton, the insulation layer is uniform and reliable, and the inner tube is made of fluorine plastic, anaerobic copper or stainless steel material, which is temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. Electric tropical with standard specifications according to the requirements of thermal insulation. These materials are manufactured in an integrated manner using special plant equipment and have a long service life.
Convenient installation: This product uses flexible materials to facilitate bending, internal pipe connection can be used with clamping joints, seal reliability, easy loading and unloading, so that the entire installation does not need to be accompanied, do not need to be made, and shorten the construction cycle. After adopting explosion proof joint, it can also be applied to explosion proof occasions.
Wear resistant and waterproof: This product and engineering supporting, simple and dexterous appearance.
The characteristics of the above products can be standardized and designed. The construction units are installed easily, quickly, reliably operated, and convenient for maintenance and repair.
Micro-intelligent digital display thermostat
The FGRS-03 digital thermostat is an intelligent temperature control device based on microprocessor control that integrates die-cast aluminum power supply operator boxes and has a compact shape. Intelligent temperature control can be performed for the process temperature of the low-power heating system and the electric heating system. This product has the soft start function of our company(it has a good protection and extended life effect on hot and hot products with large cold start current, Reduce the impact on the power grid), stepless power adjustment, ultra-temperature alarm, intelligent temperature control, long-distance communication network and other functions. It is a new generation intelligent temperature control device with distinctive highlights, which provides the basic components for the heating device.

Spiral sampling heater
Preheating of the gas at the front end of the gas sampling and analysis instrument to remove moisture from the gas and reduce the impact on the analysis of the instrument

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