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Introduction Scented (Beijing) environmental technology co., LTD. Is a new type of environmental protection company which is engaged in research and development, introduction, promotion and application of high and new technologies with overseas returnees as the core force.The company has achieved fruitful results, has obtained a patent invention and a number of utility model patents, the development of industrial VOCs macromolecular microgel deodorant, household deodorant series, improve the biological deodorant tower, acid and alkali washing tower technical transformation, and achieved good results.


Macromolecular microgel deodorant
Macromolecular microgel deodorant, a patented product independently developed by our company, is an array structure in which carbon atoms are connected in a straight chain. Tens of thousands of spherical carbon atoms like yarn are interlocked with each other, forming one polymer network after another.Many polymer networks and odor molecules attract each other, instantly capturing odor molecules into porous polymer networks to remove odors.
Features: macromolecular microgel deodorant has a strong ability to capture various industrial VOCs, and macromolecular polymer mesh has physical adsorption, chemical reaction, complexation and other characteristics.
This product is widely used in various stinks and industrial VOCs waste gas treatment field, instant deodorization, environmental protection and safety, obvious effect.

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