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Products Treatment of sludge and residues
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Introduction Jingong Machinery is located on the Ningjin County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. Since 2003,the production of cutter has been 16 years. It was founded in 2014. It has been engaged in SLUDGE CUTTER for more than four years.
Jingong Machinery produces all kinds of SLUDGE CUTTER, SLUDGE FORMING MACHINE, SLUDGE DRYER, Stainless steel drying conveyor net belt, Stainless steel frame, Stainless steel transmission shaft and gear etc. According to different characteristics of sludge, we will processing customized cutter type to satisfy all customer requirement.


Sludge Forming Machine
A whole of Sludge Forming Machine include Bunker, Sludge Agitator and Sludge Shredder, It's suitable for kinds of Sludge, for example Municiple sludge, Chemical sludge, Electroplating sludge and Print dyeing sludge etc. We design the sludge forming machine according to different sludge characteristics. Such as municiple sludge characteristics is big stickiness and high moisture content.
Stainless steel Dryer Conveyor Net Belt
The raw material of our stainless steel net belt is made of material produced by Japanese Sakaguchi wire Industry Co.,Ltd and Shandong Tengda Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd. Beacuse of the raw material is high purity and less impurities, the net belt has the advantages of high-quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long operational life span.
Chian Plate with Sludge Hoister
Plate link belt is made of stainless steel. It is droved by the stainless steel chian on both. The armor plate was bent to hinge. Linked hinge and side chain with support. The side chians are fixed with ether a split spin or washers. Plate link are very robust. It is widely used for small and high product transmission. It works smoothly, easy installationd replacement, long work life.
Sludge Dryer Frame
Sludge Dryer Frame is made of Stainless Steel 50*50 square tube welded on the platform.
Sludge Forming Machine
Sludge forming machine is the sludge in the automated line drying, must be completed before a link.Sludge molding effect directly affects the whole process of sludge dehydration.And whether or not dust is produced during the dehydration process or how much dust has a direct relationship.Due to the complex nature of sludge, and with a certain degree of corrosion, all of the molding machine material requirements are relatively high.Sludge slitting molding instructions: sludge slitting molding machine using austenitic 316L 304 stainless steel welding system, through the sludge pressing machine to squeeze the sludge in two rotating rollers, and then through the rotation of the roller extrusion, the sludge into a certain strip.And evenly spread on the mesh bag, the thickness of the spread material can be adjusted by frequency conversion, speed up the drying time of sludge, all the motors are adjustable frequency conversion.The optimal slitting moisture content is 67% to 83%..
Sludge screw equalizer
The Sludge screw equalizer is a part of the sludge forming machine. On the sludge agitator, the main purpose is to evenly spread the filter to both sides so that the sludge falls evenly on the sludge mixer.
Discharge Hoister
The material of the sludge discharge hoist is 304 stainless steel, which is placed in the export of the sludge dryer to export the dry sludge to tons of bags or other containers.
Stainless steel Transmission Shaft, Stainless Steel Gear
Stainless steel transmisson shaft, driven shaft, stainless steel gear, nylon tug
Automatic Low-temperature Sludge Dryer
Automatic Low-temperature Sludge Dryer apply to Industrial sludge, Municipal sludge,Print dyeing sludge etc.Feed in filter cake with 70% moisture content, processed particle with 20% moisture content.

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