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Country China
Products Treatment of contaminated soil
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Introduction Wuhan new tianmu membrane structure company was founded in 2005, is a research and development, design, production, installation as one of the large membrane structure, steel structure company. The company has three levels of general contracting qualification for construction engineering, two levels of qualification for steel structure construction and two levels of qualification for membrane structure design and installation. In the field of environmental protection, mainly undertake soil repair greenhouses, sewage treatment, such as anti-hanging film business.


Contaminated soil remediation of closed greenhouses
Product description:
1, can tear open outfit recycle many times
It can be disassembled and installed at least six times. The disassembling and installing time is five to seven days.
2, good sealing
It can guarantee the non-diffusion of all kinds of harmful gas and dust in the process of soil treatment.
3. Good light transmittance
What use is special environmental protection film cloth, light transmittance is in the range of 7%-20%, ensured sufficient light when construction machinery works.
4. High space and large span
The hollow height of the workshop is between 8m and 15m, and the span is between 15m and 50m, which ensures the working radius of construction machines and tools. The beam frame of the detachable soil repair workshop is a pipe truss structure, and the roofing wall material is an environment-friendly special membrane cloth.

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