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Company Ningbo Zhichunren Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Hall E2
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Introduction The company has the world's first invention of SUNY Water Flow Generator and its special channel. The invention enables the second generation of water ecological restoration technology, On-line Water Eco-remediation Technology, to achieve the goal of water environmental control with high efficiency and low consumption. The company's new patented product SUNY Automatic Floating Matter Collector has completely changed the situation that oil slick and upturned sediment in the water are difficult to collect, making the water environment around us cleaner.


On-line Water Eco-remediation Technology and Key Equipment
What is On-line water eco-remediation technology? We divide the current mainstream water eco-remediation technologies into In-situ water eco-remediation technology, Bypass (Ectopic) water eco-remediation technology and On-line water eco-remediation technology.
In-situ water eco-remediation technology is composed of several water purification modules with different functions, which are set up independently in the water. There is no synergistic effect among the water purification modules, so the water purification effect is poor.
Bypass (Ectopic) water eco-remediation technology is to set water purification module on the shore , upgrade water to water purification module by pump and return to the water after water purification. The technology has a good water purification effect, but the water lifting consumes a lot of energy, invests a lot and occupies land.
On-line water eco-remediation technology is to install water purification modules with different functions in the water and make water flow at the same time, so that water purification modules with different functions can cooperate with each other, improve water purification effect while basically not occupying land, and also reduce energy consumption of water.
In the early stage of On-line water eco-remediation technology, flow generation was realized by water pump and pipeline system. Because of the high running cost of this method, On-line water eco-remediation technology has not been widely used. At present, aiming at this defect, we have developed a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving water flow-generating system, SUNY water flow-generating system, which makes On-line water eco-remediation technology revitalized.
SUNY Automatic Floating Matter Collector
At present, the traditional methods of collecting surface floating matter are as follows:
1. Manual collection
1) Manual salvage with net pocket
At present, most water surface cleaning jobs uses Manual salvage with net pocket, but this method is limited to salvaging garbage, duckweed and so on, which has poor effect on oil slick and sludge salvage.
2) Manual salvage after enrichment by fencing traction
Manual salvage after enrichment by fencing traction is mainly used for sudden large amount of floating matter or emergency. During the operation, bamboo poles or oil fences are used to enclose specific waters, and then the enclosure area is gradually reduced to make it easier to salvage the floating matter after enrichment. The method requires many people and sometimes the cooperation of ships. Oil tanker fuel leakage accidents are often used.
2. Material Collection
At present, material collection mainly uses oil absorbent felt. Oil absorbent felt is a kind of material with lipophilic and hydrophobic properties. If the felt is put into the water contaminated by the oil slick, the felt will selectively inhale the oil slick into the body, but will not inhale water. When the oil slick is filled in the body, the oil slick can be extruded by force extrusion, and then the oil absorption felt can be recycled. However, oil absorbent felt only has a good effect on oil slick such as gasoline and diesel oil, but has little effect on oil slick of the most common animal and vegetable oils in water.
3. Mechanical Collection
1) Mechanical salvage boat
At present, mechanical salvage boats on the market are mainly used to salvage garbage and water hyacinths in rivers. Their advantages are fast salvage speed, but their disadvantages are large investment and incomplete salvage.
2) Water surface suction purifier
Water surface suction purifier refers to the use of self-suction pump to pump oil slick and water into the oil-water separator. After oil-water separation, water returns to the water body and oil is disposed of separately. When designing the water surface suction purifier, it is necessary to ensure that the suction outlet is located in the shallow area below the water surface as far as possible, so as to ensure that the water in the pumped objects will not be too large, otherwise, the volume of the oil-water separator will be increased, and the operation cost will also be increased. When the water surface suction purifier is running, it is also necessary to prevent clogging by garbage.
In view of the shortcomings of the above methods, our company has developed SUNY Automatic Floating Matter Collector. The power of the equipment is only 6W, and almost it does not consume electricity. It weighs only 40kg, and is easy to install and move. The draft water depth is 30cm, which is suitable for most water bodies. The power supply mainly uses 220V residential power, which is convenient to connect to electricity. In special cases, battery power supply or solar power supply can also be used.
SUNY Water Flow Generation System
SUNY Water Flow Generation System is composed of SUNY Water Flow Generator, SUNY Special Channel and SUNY Special Channel Locator with large flow and low energy consumption. SUNY Water Flow Generator is equivalent to water pump in water circulation system, SUNY Special Channel is equivalent to pipeline in water circulation system, and SUNY Special Channel Locator is equivalent to pipeline support in water circulation system. Among them, the system flow rate will change when it is affected by the specific working conditions. The whole system can move up and down with the change of water level, and keep floating all the time. Among them, SUNY Special Channel can be designed to expose or not to expose the water surface to meet the needs of different projects. SUNY Special Channel Locator is usually set up every 100 m, and one should be set at each bend. The Channel should be designed as straight as possible to reduce the conveying resistance. At present, the design length of the Channel is generally 100-200 M.
1. Advantages:
1). Low energy consumption
From the point of view of the existing engineering design, the pump power with the same flow-making function needs more than 20KW, while the system only needs 120W, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.
2). Multifunction
In addition to the function of fluid transportation, the inside and outside of SUNY Special Channel in this system are made of biological carrier materials. There is no need to install additional biological carrier in the water body, which saves engineering investment (Per meter of SUNY Special Channel is equal to 2-3 M2 artificial aquatic grass or ecological base); secondly, as floating container, it can be designed into a variety of water purification modules (Per meter of SUNY Special Channel is equal to 1 m3 container). Thirdly, it can act as a mixed reactor.
3). Enhanced purification efficiency of biological carriers
The flow of water in the system makes the biological carrier fully contact with the water, thus enhancing the water purification efficiency of the biological carrier.
2. Disadvantages
1). Occupy the water surface
Solutions: One is to plant aquatic plants inside and outside of SUNY Special Channel to beautify the facility; the other is to use Underwater SUNY Special Channel to reduce the water surface area occupied by equipment.
2). Occupy the river cross-section
Solution: Stop operation during flood discharge, at this time SUNY Special Channel can shrink, greatly reducing the resistance of flood discharge.

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