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Introduction The DLG is leading organization in the fields of agriculture and agribusiness and the founder’s focus on knowledge transfer remains at the center of its activities. Membership, which is open to individuals, companies and institutions, now numbers more than 30,000 worldwide.The organization’s expertise extends to renewable energy. Through its large farming network. In 2006, the organization established the EnergyDecentral exhibition, creating a major opportunity for farmers to meet companies and experts in the sector.


EnergyDecentral 2020
The EnergyDecentral is the international trade fair for bioenergy and decentralised energy supply.

It shows the entire range of technological developments in the field of bioenergy, regenerative energy and technology covering all aspects of decentralised energy supply. As a result, the focus at the EnergyDecentral is not only on energy production, but also on system efficiency and the storage and distribution of the energy produced. The spectrum of the trade fair includes innovative technology, from substrate handling to power generation to networking and control, storage and distribution of energy.

The EnergyDecentral is integrated in the agricultural environment of the EuroTier trade fair, the world's leading trade fair for animal production. This has proven to be of great value through the use of synergies between the agricultural and bioenergy sectors. This means the range of technological developments in the field of substrate preparation and of handling of fuels such as wood, straw and biofuels for energy production is ideally covered.

In addition, the EnergyDecentral has established itself as the trade fair for gasengine systems and their infrastructure. In the growing international environment, it therefore provides an opportunity to come into contact with a broad range of manufacturers of stationary gas engines and combined heat and power systems.

It offers experts and investors a comprehensive overview of the products and services of a stable market. It represents a unique platform at which the participants can obtain information on trends and current topics of the industry.

And the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas) also holds its BIOGAS Convention as part of the EnergyDecentral.
The EnergyDecentral is the world's largest trade fair for biogas.

The visitors await a comprehensive specialist programme with forums at which a large number of specialist presentations, podium events and panel discussions are offered. In addition, a special programme provides information on current developments with practical demonstrations.

All together the organisers welcomed 331 specialist exhibitors from 14 countries and approx. 30,000 trade visitors to the EnergyDecentral in Hanover on 4 trade fair days from 17 November to 20 November in 2020.

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