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Country Taiwan, China
Products Treatment of sludge and residues
Hall E3
Booth D51
Introduction Since Yuan Chang was established in 1981, and kept the『Quality First, Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Development』business management concepts to run our company all the time. With more than thirty years' professional manufacturing experience in Environmental Production Equipment and insisted on Continuous Research and Improvement to produce our relative products. There are sound distribution systems in the world to provide fast and reliable service, and has the most perfect quality of service with the industry expected to create a green pollution-free living environment.


Waste liquid Evaporation Concentrating Treatment System
 Using the working principle of the heat pump to heat the emulsified oil and water waste liquid, vacuum pumping the negative pressure to lower the boiling point and increasing the evaporation amount, and the ice water system condenses and evaporates the vapor to reduce the effect, and then filters and condenses the condensed water for reuse.
 Recycling of recycled water not only greatly reduces the total amount of emulsion discharge, but also significantly reduces the cost of emissions treatment. At the same time, the reuse of filtered water also saves fresh water resources.
Chamberplate / Membraneplate Type Filter Press
Low pressure in tube reverse washing device: (Please refer to the description on page 13)
Irrigation cleaning reverse face of cloth to maintain good filtering effect.
Using closed type reverse washing in tube, to remove undesirable sludge chemical ingredients and physical properties (used mostly in manufacturing process).
Drying Treatment Equipment(Low temperature dehumidification type-batch treating)
Suitable for the drying treatment of the dewatering industrial sludge (Inorganic).
Reduce sludge volume: 50%, sludge weight: over 60% and reduce disposal cost after drying.
The power consumption of one kilogram dewatering could be 0.4~0.6 kwh, you may make use of daily off-peak tariff to operate this equipment to get high economic benefit.
Closed type circulating, low noise, no dust, no waste water and gas, no secondary pollution.

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