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Company Hydron Innovation Inc.
Country Taiwan, China
Products Treatment of contaminated ground Water
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Hall E3
Booth C56
Introduction Company Profile
Hydron innovation Inc., an innovative equipment provider, dedicated itself to developing and manufacturing of systems for environmental protection. The team had an expertise and experience of more than 10 years in Hydrogen energy, including synthesis of catalysts at nanometer scale, design and make of fuel cells and hydrogen generators, and system integration of energy storage.
The primary goal of the company is to extend applications for industrial to general purpose use. Water treatment and air purification are the two main categories in our current product roadmap.
By combining electrochemistry and photo-catalysis, Hydron is introducing a new concept and technology in water treatment. Recalcitrant organic chemicals and toxic drugs can be degraded and mineralized in place without adding chemicals and producing sludge. The treated water can meet the stringent requirement of effluent all over the world. Furthermore, water can be recycled and reused at a reasonable cost.
Not just technology innovation, elevating quality of life is the ultimate goal of the company. Hydron is pleased to share its experiences, and work with all companies in reaching the goal.


ecAOP-ElectroChemical Advanced Oxidation Process
ecAIR -ElectroChemical Air Purification Systems
ecAOP-ElectroChemical Advanced Oxidation Process

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