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Company Shanghai Eclear Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
Country China
Products Treatment of sludge and residues
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
Hall E5
Booth B39
Introduction Shanghai Eclear Environment technology Co,Ltd is a professional high - tech company specialized in waste gas treatment technology and product development,provide customers with comprehensive solutions and high quality's main business involves various waste gas purification and processing, technology consultation, project design, project operation maintenance, etc.The company can provide one-stop service for customers,including system planning, design, core equipment, technical support and training.


YQATM -VOCs tail gas treatment integrated machine
The YQATM-VOCs exhaust gas treatment machine is a product that is suitable for dealing with organic exhaust gas at medium and low concentrations(150-250 mg / M3) in small and medium-sized enterprises. The core photocatalytic unit of the product adopts the East China Institute of Materials Engineering Nanolaboratory patent product YDM-S carrier. The equipment is manufactured with the latest technology and is highly integrated.
YQ-LTPTM -low temperature sludge drying equipment
Low-temperature sludge drying equipment is a product that uses heat pump or waste heat to realize sludge reduction, harmlessness and recycling. It can reduce the water content of sludge from 80% to 25%, and reduce the weight by more than 60%. The product has three series, the mobile moving vehicle loads low-temperature sludge drying equipment is originated in China.

YQ-LTPTM low temperature sludge drying equipment (heat pump type)
YQ-LTWTM low temperature sludge drying equipment (waste heat type)
YQ-LTMTM Low temperature sludge drying equipment (moving vehicle loads)
YQC-Catalytic combustion equipment
YQCTM Catalytic Combustion Series is a product that can efficiently treat medium and high concentration VOCs. It uses YQ-CPPTM series catalysts for long-term stable operation. YQCTM-CO catalytic combustion series is suitable for the treatment of 1500-2500mg/m3 waste gas, YQCTM-PCO photocatalytic combustion series is suitable for the treatment of 600-1200mg/m3 waste gas, YQCTM-CCO adsorption concentration-catalytic combustion series is suitable for the treatment of 350-500mg/m3 waste gas.
YQBTM-Coupled Adsorption Catalytic Deodorization Integrated Machine
YQBTM-VOCs Coupled Adsorption Catalytic Deodorization Integrated Machine is a product specially designed for exhaust gas treatment. The core catalytic function section adopts YQ-PACTM compound catalyst, and the comprehensive purification efficiency for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other sulphur-containing compounds is over 95%.

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