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Products Waste incineration
Treatment of volatile organic compounds(VOCs)
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Introduction Jiangxi Jialin Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd,is a modern manufacturer major in R&D, production, trade and service of activated carbon.The registered capital is 5 million US dollars.Has an engineering team with rich R&D and production experience and work closely with activated carbon experts from national well-known university.Specialized in the worldwide supply and application of activated carbon,as well as equipment and related adsorption technology services.The annual capacity of activated carbon is over 10000 tons, and the annual capacity of honeycomb activated carbon is over 10000 m3.


Activated carbon
Our products including coal based activated carbon,wood based activated carbon,coconut shell based activated carbon,are used in a wide range of industrial application,water treatment,odour control devices for chemical industrial,air and gas treatment for steel plant,flue gas treatment for power station,gold recovery,edible oil purification,sugar de-coloration and super electric capacity.
Honeycomb Activated Carbon
This product uses coal-based,coconut shell-based and wood-based powder activated carbon as raw material,formed by special processes and then activated again by high temperature.Because its appearance is honeycomb body,so be known as honeycomb activated carbon.The biggest feature is the small wind resistance and strong adsorption capacity during filtration,suitable for high air volume, low concentration of organic waste gas (toxic and harmful) purification treatment.It is usually used for industrial waste gas treatment,deodorization of spray-paint room, catering fume exhaust gas treatment, air conditioning, refrigerator, copier, etc., and can be used as water purification and catalyst carrier. Products can be divided into two types:water resistant and no water resistant.

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