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Introduction OHKAWARA KAKOHKI CO.,LTD. is a development-oriented technology company with spraying and drying as our core technology. We manufacture and sell the unique high-performance spray dryers for the manufacture of battery material,electronic components and auto parts, high-tech materials. We are a leading company in the same industry in Japan. And we also provide high quality spray dryers for waste treat, health food, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Recently we have developed the spray dryer for desulfurization waste liquid in thermal power plants, and it has be used.


Waste Liquid Spray Dryer
It is mainly used to treat the desulfurization waste water in coal-fired power plants. The high-temperature flue gas from power plant boilers will be used by by-pass line to dry the desulfurization wastewater (filtered) which is sprayed into droplets to achieve “zero emission”. After drying treatment, the dust at bottom of the chamber is easily treated (can be disposed of with fly ash), and the exhaust gas is returned to the flue line.

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