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Products Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
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Introduction Octadem Technologies Inc. was founded in USA in 2004,focusing on developing portable spectrometers for POCT applications. Wuxi Octadem was founded in 2009 to develop portable water-testing solutions. With patented technologies, Octadem devices are robust and cost-effective. Particularly, with step-by-step test guide on screen, the devices make water tests easy for both the professionals and regular users. Octadem devices test about 20 parameters of water quality and are widely used in the fields of aquaculture, industry and environmental protection.


Octadem Water Quality Analyzer
Parameters: PH 、Ammonia(N)、Nitrite(N)、Dissolved oxygen、Sulfide、Free chlorine、Chloride、Copper、Phosphate、Total iron、Total hardness、Total alkalinity、Turbidity、Sulfate、Chrome、COD(LR)、COD(HR)、Total phosphorus、Permanganate index
Main Features
Accurate results. Precise numerical display.
Fast tests. Most take less than 3 min.
English menu.
Easy to operate. Screen guide on every step.
Rechargeable battery. Last more than a week.
Store 400 – 2000 test records with date and time.
Work for both the fresh and salty water.
USB data download.

US patented technology. Highly cost-effective!

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