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Introduction M-Cubic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and has been conducting research and business on water quality related field based on differentiated technology and many years of field experience. Our business objective is overall water quality management including monitoring of water quality, modeling for water quality forecasting and water quality management, and we are working to contribute for the better water quality environment.
M-Cubic Co., Ltd. develops an integrated management system and measuring instruments for water quality monitoring for rivers, lakes and water treatment plants.


This product is a real-time toxicity monitoring system that can monitor various toxic substances in the water body due to water pollution accidents.
This product uses sulfur oxidizing bacteria as a test microorganism that can detect toxicity. This system quantitatively measures toxicity level as percent(%) easily through microorganism activity.
Compared to other toxic monitoring equipment, it does not need to supply nutritions for the growth of microorganism and it is easy to operate the system.
The measured data can be collected to the central control room in real time via network and used as important data such as accident prevention and process control.

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