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Company ACI
Country Korea
Hall E3
Booth D12
Introduction ACI has been suppling the chemical products around the world for the benefit of the human society. To achieve the goal of making the sustainable society, ACI is in the field of suppling the waste collection and treatment systems for easy and safe collection, and for high quality recycling, and the environment friendly energy production system. In the field of environment, ACI will keep supplying the total solution for the sustainable society.


Air Ballistic Separator
Applications :
- Material Recovery Facility (Heavy Material, 3D Material, 2D Material and Fine Fraction)
- Mixed Waste Sorting Facility (Construction and Demolition Waste)

Features & Advantages :
- Classifying Mixed Wastes into Five(5) Categories ; Heavy Material, 3D Material, 2D Material, Fine Fraction and Dust
- Replaceable Grating Screen – Low Maintenance Cost and Easy Maintenance
- Modular System Design for the screen and the paddle
- Air Circulation System – Dust Free Operation
- Options – central lubrication system, PLC control system
Ballistic Separator
Applications :
- Material Recovery Facility(Separating Plastic Container(3D), from Plastic Film and Paper(2D))
- Paper Sorting Facility(Separating Cardboard from Paper)
- Wood Waste Sorting Facility(Separating flat wood from others)

Features & Advantages :
- Anti-Shock Device – Improving Machine’s Durability and Lifetime
- Replaceable Grating Screen – Low Maintenance Cost and Easy Maintenance
- Automatic Central Lubrication System(Option) – Easy and Low Maintenance
- Booster Fan – High Separation Efficiency
Air Shifter
Applications :
- Material Recovery Facility(MRF)
- Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility(MBT)
- Wood Waste Sorting Facility and Paper Sorting Facility
- SRF Second Sorting Facility(Cement Kiln and SRF Combustor)

Features & Advantages :
- Air Circulation System – Dust Free Operation
- Minimized Dust Emission
- Discharged air purified by the Cartridge Filter
iTainer W and B
IoT based ACI Automatic Compacting Containers are linked by the Wireless Internet System to the Management Service Server. The compacting container weighs the waste and charges it on your Credit Card, RF Card or Mobile Phone.
The operator monitors and maintains the containers remotely though the internet.

Advantages :
- Cost Reduction
Less collection people and fewer trucks (by 80%)
No official waste collection bag and bin
Less traffic burden from waste collection system and less CO2 emission
- Efficiency Increase
Collecting full loaded containers only
Compacting the fluffy waste bags upto 80%
Easy to hook type container
- Data Accumulation
Accurate waste generation data collection
Database for future waste generation forecasting
Big Data for Environment Infrastructure planning
- Added Beauty
No waste dispersion, No odor, No vermin
No waste bag breakup by animals
Nice looking equipment

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