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Company Shanghai Zhonghui Foam Aluminum Co., Ltd
Country China
Products Noise and Vibration Control
Environmental materials and others
Hall N5
Booth G67
Introduction Shanghai Zhonghui Foam Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is located in Pudong,Shanghai, China. Near Lingang New Town and Pudong International Airport. The company has a scientific research team composed of middle and senior professional titles. It specializes in the development, production and sale of all kinds of new metal materials such as sound insulation, sound absorption, filtering, heat dissipation, design, manufacture and undertake all kinds of installation projects. It is a high-tech enterprise with "qualification certificate" of environmental protection products.


Fiber acoustic board
Fiber acoustic board is made using special technology, with a thin, light weight, fireproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, stable and sound absorption performance, good weather performance advantages. Aluminum fiber acoustic board is fully equipped with all the advantages of glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool possess, but also to overcome all the shortcomings of glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool, easy bending and clean, with good decorative effect.
Complex through-hole acoustic board
this new composite metal vias acoustic panels, sheet metal due to its independent body, so the group set up on a fairly easy and quick. due to both the bottom surface and the top surface of the distribution of a plurality of recessed triangular pyramid, and a cone at the bottom connected by a triangular pyramid is an oval-shaped fine pores, wherein wavy and small bump reflected not only can produce sound waves collide interference attenuation, meanwhile, even though some sound waves will penetrate the pores oval triangular cone cone bottom, can also cause loss of sound waves to penetrate, making it sound-absorbing effect is more Jia.
Foam aluminum
Foam aluminum sound absorbing board is a new porous functional material characterized by high porosity, large pore size and three dimensional network connected pores. Its overall structure is composed of fine aluminum skeleton and numerous perforated pores. Its appearance is similar to sponge porous engineering materials, its unique porous structure and metal properties make it overcome many shortcomings of non-metallic porous materials, such as brittleness of porous ceramics, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, low strength, pollution and so on.
Foam metal
High perviousness:
A 3d through-pore structure,through hole rate reached 98% with high osmosis ability.
Large specific surface area:
Under the situation of same through-hole rate,metal foam have larger specific surface area than other porous materials, so it has high heat exchange rate, high reaction surface area when use as a carrier material.
High porosity,and uniform pore structure:
Porosity as high as 95%,uniform size,good muffling and energy absorb ability.
Metal character:
the framework of metal foam can made by metal materials like NI, Cu,Fe etc.and their alloy with high abilities ad heat conduction,electric conduction,flame arrest,heat resistant,fire resistant,seismic resistant,air-sensitive.
Good machinability,recyclable:
metal foam can be welded,cut pressed,rolled,it is recyclable for save cost and protect the environment.

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