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Company Haining Meilang Silicone Technology Co., Ltd.
Country China
Products Biochemical processes
Desulphurization and denitrification
Hall E1
Booth A83
Introduction Haining Meilang Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-approved professional production of silicone paste, silicone grease, defoamer products. Our products are mainly used in papermaking, medicine, food, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing textiles, leather, water treatment, power plants, steel plants, coal mines, garbage penetration, paint, chemical fiberglass, plastic rubber and so on.


silicone defoamer
Silicone defoamer is a kind of defoamer with silicone polymer and surfactant as main materials. It is suitable for defoaming in high temperature, strong alkali and strong acid systems. It can be widely used in oil field drilling mud and cementing, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical fertilizer and pesticide, petrochemical industry, industrial cleaning agent, civil detergent, sewage treatment, ink coating, pharmaceutical cosmetics and other water treatment systems to defoam.
Desulfurization defoamer
The series defoamers are made of polyamine, polyester and modified polysilicon polymer as main materials, and are compounded with efficient and dispersible additives. It can quickly eliminate the foam generated during desulfurization of power plants, and effectively inhibit the generation of foam.
Non-silicon defoamer
Non silicon defoamers are polymerized by fatty alcohols, amides, polyethers, hydrocarbons and other special processes. Its advantage is that it can quickly penetrate into the liquid and spread quickly, eliminating the stubborn foam produced by various surfactants, which can stabilize defoaming at strong alkali and high temperature. It has changed the defect of residual silicon spots of silicon defoamers. It can be used in printing ink, paper coating, chemical wastewater treatment, power plant desulfurization, medium and high temperature spray cleaning industry to suppress foam for a long time.

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