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Company SYSTEA S.p.A.
Country Italy
Products Analysis and laboratory techniques
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
Hall E3
Booth D35
Introduction SYSTEA S.p.A is an Italian company providing analytical instruments for on-line, laboratory and field control applications. The actual products’ lines cover most of the market needs for automatic analysis of chemical compounds in water. SYSTEA is commercially active in P.R. China from 2002 providing on-line analyzers for industrial waste water outlet and environmental monitoring control, in-situ probes to measure nutrients and other chemical compounds in surface and sea water and routine laboratory analyzers for industrial and environmental analysis of chemical compounds in any kind of water.


WIZ in-situ probe
WIZ in-situ multiparametric nutrient probe suitable for long term unattended monitoring of chemical parameters in surface and coastal water. It can be provided in several configurations including (NH3, NO3, NO2 and PO4) and (Total N, Total P and NH3).
Micromac-1000 portable and on-line compact multiparametric analyzer, for medium and long term water quality monitoring of chemical parametes like Total N, Total P, NH3 in surface and coastal water.
Easychem TOX EW
Easychem TOX early Warning acute toxicity on-line analyzer, bsed on luminescent bacteria technology, ensuring a reliable control of water sources and treated water with a fast measurement frequency down to 5 minutes.

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