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Company Giacomini Heating and Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Country China
Products Pipes and pipe fittings
Environmental materials and others
Hall E3
Booth D27
Introduction Since Giacomini S.p.A. was established as a company in 1951, on the shores of Orta Lake, north part of Italy, water played a central role for us. We use it to heat and cool, we distribute and measure it, we work with it on a daily basis. Water means inspiration to us and stands for the ideal elements that help us to focus on human well-being. As one of Italy’s top providers of HVAC and sanitary distribution, Giacomini offers the most comprehensive range of products for energy and water management, heating and cooling radiant systems, gas distribution, renewable sources and fire protection.


技术名称 GK60x60 PSV 金属辐射板用于辐射吊顶系统
GK60x60 PSV是解决商业建筑的供暖与制冷系统中最合适的一种金属辐射吊顶系统。该系统可应用于中/小环境的供暖和制冷,但系统安装在大型开放空间的环境时其效果最好。该系统的特点是有一个600x600mm模块,可安装于24mmT型龙骨底座十字形支撑结构上。悬挂系统提供了一个最佳的吊顶平面。辐射板分为微穿孔板或光面板。边缘安装补偿一般使用石膏板或非辐射板。

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