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For more than 50 years in polyethylene production, Plastisac continues offering tailor-made solutions for companies looking for a reliable partner in the field of packaging and wrapping by relying on advanced technological equipment, continuous search for innovative solutions and use of quality polyethylene raw material, along with constant personnel training.


It is a simple and proven system, based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which enables the traceability of unsorted delivered waste and thus be able to pursue a variety of economic benefits, in favor of both public bodies and the citizens, while respecting the guidelines imposed by the European community.

The Eco-Chip ® system integrates the following components:
- Proprietary software
- hardware
- TAG with RFID

Eco-efficient. Reduces the production of unsorted waste and improves the quantity and quality of recycling.
Cost-saving. Decreases the costs of disposal of unsorted waste, creates economies of scale in all stages of waste management.
Versatile. Can be integrated in all systems of collection (collection at home or along the roads) and all containers (bags, bins, dumpsters).
Made to measure. It is a complete package but is also customizable and modular, integrates seamlessly with existing systems.
Precise. All the waste management workflow is under control, there is no overlap of readings; the entire cycle can be monitored in real time and you can do statistical analysis on contributions.
Fast. Makes the collection of waste automatic and fast, allows the transfer and reading multiple sacks and containers, optimizes collection rounds and reduces the costs of the service.
Fair. Applies a waste fee based on what each user actually recycles, according to the principle "the more you differentiate, the less you pay", respecting the privacy of citizens.

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