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Company Entsorga GROUP
Country Italy
Products Refuse treatment and recycling
Biological treatment and composting
Hall E3
Booth C36
Introduction Entsorga is an Italian company known worldwide for its products, based on innovative technologies inspired to the concepts of high efficiency, environmental and economical sustainability and enhanced automation. Entsorga has developed a remarkable number of solutions in the fields of both waste management and production of alternative fuels with a special focus on providing the highest standards of health and safety and minimizing the impact on the surrounding and on the environment.
The company currently operates over four continents: Europe, Africa, North America and South America.


Entsorga BEE solution
The Entsorga Bee system combines advanced mechanical and optical sorting solutions together with a smart biological stabilization (biodrying) of the feedstock that ensures delivering a uniform fuel with high carbon content. It is designed according to the specific needs of the final user, while providing an efficient separation of recyclables (ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, selected plastics) and unwanted streams like PVC, inerts and fines.

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