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Introduction Umore Cleantech Consulting is a consulting firm focused on cleantech transfer and financial services. Umore is committed to fostering collaborations across government, PE/VC, and environmental SMEs to assist companies in driving sustainable business growth. With global network and industrial research capability, Umore provides customized solutions in connecting international companies with local partners and supporting on a smooth landing to the China's market. Headquartered in Shanghai, Umore has offices in Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Toronto, and Singapore.


Exhibition innovation pavilion service, with domestic and foreign high-quality exhibition as the carrier, through brand content design and B2B service planning, to provide domestic and foreign enterprises exhibition, road show, cooperation package services.
Match Maker+
Global technology match-making service is aimed at the overseas cooperation activities of overseas technology enterprise groups. The company's match-making recruitment is used as a means to develop the process implementation and reservation system, effectively realize the appointment arrangement and record between enterprises, and improve the docking efficiency and data reliability.
International Cleantech Transfer and Investment Summit will explore the supply, mining supply and demand data of domestic and overseas enterprises through offline activities. It has been held for four times and has become the industry's leading professional event for cross-border cleantech cooperation. 111 overseas companies have met with more than 400 Chinese companies in the four-year event, resulting in the certification of soil remediation in Finland, demonstration of industrial water treatment equipment in Australia and many other cooperative projects.

China and global market analysis reports have attracted wide attention, and the number of readers has increased significantly in the global media. The content involves in-depth industry analysis, event highlights, enterprise white papers, etc., and effectively shapes the window effect of industrial exchanges between China and overseas.
Taking the strategic development of enterprises as a requirement,we will provide strategic consulting services,sort out the development path of the enterprise and the strategy of entering the market in the future. By mining the industry market structure, competitive analysis and business model analysis, a development plan is formed to guide the implementation of the enterprise.
A Webinar based Product of CleanConnect - Talk+. No Travel,Low cost but efficiently kick off China Cleantech Market. Using wechat based voice system,the technology company will present 30mins technology with 30mins Q&A together with qualified chinese parties who showed partnership interest. Product Assistant and regional service team from UMORE will facilitate translation of presentation slides and live talk,further,offer reports about participants list and recommended partnera list. Previous practice for 6 oversea cleantech companies have confirmed efficiency and confirmed Talk+ will be an easy and reliable tool to help overseas receive first hand feedback from China Market within 1 hour,which built a solid base for next step roadshow or China visit with clear visiting plan. Talk+ will also apply for multi companies or an accelerator who is supporting companies.
The international Cleantech supply Yellow Pages of Greendoor
Greendoor is a global clean technology information exchange and demand matching online platform created by Umore, which aims to help Chinese companies connect their overseas technology companies with high efficiency.
At Greendoor version1.0, you can:
*"Overseas online shopping" environmental technology, divided into categories, for your needs.
*Quickly capture technical information, and the company's fundamentals are at a glance
*Directly message to overseas business executives (CXOs), CXO first understands Chinese company information and gives feedback
*Get first-hand information from overseas technology.
Annual technical award assessment and domestic and foreign environmental protection technology TOP100 nomination activities.
Through competition and comparison, more high-quality overseas technology companies can interact with Chinese companies, match supply and demand, and reverse the possibility of cooperation and transactions.

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