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Company Shanghai Yinshi Environmental Sci-Tech Co., LTD.
Country China
Products Professional platform and industrial park
Environmental monitoring techniques and equipment
Hall E4
Booth E49
Introduction Shanghai Yinshi Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (or “ensenmax” for short) is an innovative high-tech company that provides intelligent industrial gas monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Relying on leading-edge nanon sensing technology and pattern recognition algorithm, ensenmax integrates gas monitoring with the IoT to provide companies with innovative smart environmental protection and safety monitoring plans, thereby ensuring their green environmental production and intrinsically safe operations.


Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System-Ensmart-Sys Ambient Monitoring Station
Product Overview
Combining the current standards and requirements, ensenmax has developed a multi-parameter highly-integrated Ensmart-Sys Ambient Air Monitoring System. The all-weather high-density air pollution monitoring achieved by the deployment of a grid monitoring system within the area, plus the functions such as pollution source tracing and early warning & forecasting realized with the application of informationized big data, provides more timely and effective support for decision making on environmental pollution prevention and control.
Ensmart-Sys Ambient Air Monitoring System can realize all-weather online monitoring of the ambient air quality parameters, including air pollutants, five factors, temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5, etc., at the points monitored. As connected to the city IoT platform, the device can send the data collected to the server through wireless communication or other communication ways for organization and analysis and then plot the air quality thermodynamic chart and variation curves.
GasView Industrial IoT Monitoring Platform
The Industrial IoT Platform GasView established by ensenmax is a web-based environmental pollutant data acquisition, monitoring, alarm and reporting system, which collects extensive gas monitoring data from various types of sites and conducts organization, analysis and reporting, so as to help users monitor the real-time concentration of the pollutants or toxic and explosive gases of the units and provide instant failure alarm. You can safely log on our platform system through various types of devices for status monitoring and query at any time anywhere.
Ensmart-Pro Wireless Gas Detector
Ensmart-Pro is the second-generation wireless gas detector independently developed and designed by ensenmax in line with the strictest Ex ia/ib standard and IP65 Grade, which can be used in Zone 0 and 1.
This device employs the self-developed MEMS sensor, with lower power consumption and higher accuracy, to specially detect VOCs. The latest wireless communication protocol adopted by the device allows a transmission distance up to 2km. In the meantime, Ensmart-Pro can be powered either by its own battery, same as before, or the compatible factory electricity, which enables users to choose flexibly based on their needs.
Online Chromatograph System for Exhaust Gas from Stationary Pollution Sources--Ensmart-GC
The Online Chromatograph System for Exhaust Gas from Stationary Pollution Sources is characterized by ultrahigh system stability & safety reliability, real-time accurate measurement results, small maintenance workload and low operating costs. The system can select and set different parameters for measurement of non-methane hydrocarbons, benzene series and other gases according to user demands. It is widely used in various industries such as petrochemical industry, printing & coating, tire manufacturing, automobile painting, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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